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Developed by Freedom Scientific, JAWS for Windows is a powerful accessibility solution that reads information on your screen using synthesized speech or Braille output through a JAWS-compatible Braille display.

JAWS provides many useful facilities that make it easier to use programs, edit documents and read Web pages.

An array of versatile features and customizable options makes it possible to tailor JAWS for individual needs and preferences. This includes a powerful programming language to ensure customisation with databases, standalone and browser-based applications.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

image of the dragon logo and product box

Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional is without doubt the ultimate Voice Recognition product available in the world today.

When installed and configured correctly it enables the user to dictate text directly in to many applications at speeds up to 160 words per minute.

What's more, the powerful scripting facilities contained in this version of the product enable common tasks to be automated reducing workloads and dramatically increasing productivity.

For people who for a variety of reasons cannot use the keyboard Dragon Naturally Speaking opens up access to computer based information, as one can have complete control, of all aspects of computer usage through the voice.

MAGic® Screen Magnification Software with Speech

MAGic computer screen magnification software

MAGic opens up a whole new world of computing to low vision users. Whether you are surfing the Web, creating a document, e-mailing, or engaging in social networking, MAGic provides you the tools you need to work more efficiently.

MAGic’s high-definition text delivers smooth, crisp letters for all fonts, even at the highest magnification. MAGic features 46 magnification levels from 1x to 36x. Built-in training tools, text and audio training, talking installation, online Help, and context-sensitive Help work together to make MAGic extremely easy to learn and use.

MAGic with Speech features built-in human-sounding voices that you control independently for speaking text, mouse echo, and typing echo. Speech On Demand™ lets you easily access this aid only when you need it.

  • 46 magnification levels from 1x to 36x
  • High-definition text provides crisp fonts for hours of comfortable use
  • High-definition mouse and cursor enhancement options
  • Built-in color enhancements eliminate glare and increase contrast
  • Unique productivity tools that enable users to excel at their jobs
  • Dual-monitor & Citrix Remote Access support for greater workplace opportunities
  • Speech option adds human-sounding voices to speak text and echo user actions


image of the product boxes for zoomtext magnifier and magnifier reader

The ZoomText Screen Magnifier, manufactured by AI-Squared, is available in two levels. Level One offering a magnification only access solution, and Level two the additional facility of supportive synthetic speech.

ZoomText is widely used by visually impaired people at home, at work, and in education. The above described range of features provides seamless integration into almost any computer environment

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